Costume showreel film scene cost 4000 SEK per scene, and this is what’s involved. 

We´ll have a chat about your casting type and acting career, and I´ll advice you on what kinds of script and scenes would work best for you. 

All scenes are duologues or monologues of around 1,5 script pages in length. 

If you want to provide your own script, that’s fine! If not, I´ll write a costume script specially for you. 

You are responsible for finding your props, costume and other required Actors and we have to film in a location I have free access to. 

Shooting takes around 3-4 hours per scene, we will have to rehearse on the day, before going to shoot out on location. 

We can shoot two scenes in a day. 

Then editing begins; I will do a first draft and email this over for feedback. If you would like any change, I will do a second editing to apply them. 

Finally, you receive your full scene in an HD digital format, ready for upload to the internet. 

Got any questions? Check out my contact page.

Have a look at my scenes and see what we can create together. 

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